L.A.P.O. dot it

2003-07-15 15:50 CEST

Four to go, people!
The Time of Study is soon to be at and... then what? I have no idea (of course not! it's patented 'till 2011!).
What? You know not what I'm studying? But at the Poli of course! 0=)

2003-07-02 14:20 CEST

Ehy, people, you know that I created MegaTokyo Italy, you do? Nowadays I write there if I have something to rant on. Bon't blame on me, as a webmaster I've got some "responsabilities" and moreover writing rants in italian is somewhat easier too ;-)

2003-01-29 01:00 CET

Did I ever say how much I love MegaTokyo? Oh, I'm also reading Love Hina

a> transalted to italian (ink on paper.. you know?), thanks to Marta, which kinda tried to let me think it was a shojo... but nonetheless made me notice it was in print in Italy (of course I know better if a new episode of MegaTokyo hits the web than something that needs me to actually go to the newsbooth).

2002-08-07 15:30 CEST

FO@T rules. Yes indeed. In many ways.
First of all many FO@T rules are now well defined, but more important is that FO@T will actually 'rule the Rogue-like scene'. When it wil be finished it will rule it, believe me. If not for trust in the FO@T Team just because it will not be anywhere near being finished until it WILL be better that anything else 0=)
And that link bring to my memory another thing: Wiki! I have not the skill to explain wiki, just follow the link and discover it yourself (that's the only real way to learn things, isn't it?).

2002-04-09 01:00 CEST

Re-reading MegaTokyo from scratch (including all the rants, though I'm not finished yet) I discovered a bunch of other interesting sites.. first of all Exploitation Now, another webcomic that I enjoyed reading very much (and I did it at a time, of course (wget can be very useful, at times)).

2002-03-25 13:00 CET

What the heck, this page was way too 'technical' and way 'out-of-date'... or maybe I just changed my mind about it.
But I just decided to put this paragraph -here- to include some random ideas; please remember that english is not my natural language...
Lately, coding on SourceForge I noticed the MegaTokyo banner.
Not that it was the first time my retina was impressed by it, but it's the first time the information actually reached my brain (someway advertisement is classified as 'uninteresting' in one of the first layers far below my consciousness).
Let's end the rant, I just wanted you to know that I immediately fell in love with that webcomic (just like a few months ago I fell in love with Jappilas webcomic and actually proposed myself to do the website).
As with all the stories I really like (I think this is one of the major reasons behind it, after all) I feel a deep emotional link with (some) characters and with the authors themself (of course do not I know them, but I like persuading myself that you put a part of you in what you produce, and that can be 'felt' using/reading/watching/appropriate_verb it).
Why do I tell you? Why would you care? Why did I never put personal ranting on this webpage?
I don't know, I just feel like it. I bet you don't care, unless you care about me and what I think. Because I always thought it made a page "unprofessional" in some way.
I guess that Piro's comments in the lower half of MegaTokyo pages has something to do with this decision.
There's something, a self-luminous halo (I think this confirm that my english is much closer to POV-Ray manual than to Shakespeare, which of course I never read in english - but the little dual-language "midsummer's night dream" Marta gifted to me is on my nightstand to be read), about Authors that difference them from Others.
What do I mean? Well first of all I needed previous sentence to be short because it already contained a too long spawn (I really hate forced linearity of written text, sometime), but that's another story.
I was talking about the "greatness halo", right? Well even when I read a simple comic written by a friend (just like clem131's Cappuccetto Rosso ("Red Cap and the wolf"? I really don't know)) I see him as the Author and me as "one humble member of the Others", and this also with clem131, which is a Friend of mine... creating something I really like puts him in Authors' heaven, in the Drawing section, somewhere near Ombra or Piro or Luca Enoch or the Drawing-God himself (I'm talking about Masamune Shirow, of course).
They all share something: they create something that really gives me Emotions. Please note that I do not use upper-case in a english/german way (with substantives) but only to put emphasis: so a Friend is something more than a simple friend, and so on, it's use like "true-" or "ultimate-".
Anyway I owe much to them, to all of them. They're Authors and so they're perfect, they make no mistake (I know that this is actually *NOT* true, but I feel it nonetheless) and I can only thank them for creating it and for enjoing themself thing it (well at least I hope so, I think things done with no enjoiment can't really be "good").
When I think about Authors my minds always goes to other concepts like "I would like to be creative like them" and (in a much lesser way) "I don't feel adequate in respect to them, perfect people that gives away their godly fire to humankind"... of course that's their biggest hobby and of course drawing in NOT my primary objective. Not the secondary. Nor the tertiary. And that's why I will never be like them in drawing but of course I'm not THEM and I have different objectives in my life... and I'm pretty good in the thing I apply the most (well, of course).
But maybe you don't know me and would like to know which are my objectives? Well of course the things I most like: coding, cryptography (and number theory as a prerequisite), opensource/sharing/earning respect.
Maybe you, as a person that either knows me or found this page in Google think that also coders are Authors. Tron is the only place where a coder is referred to as a Creator (which is just like an Author). I would like that, really. Of course I never created anything really worth it I think. Of course there's Raytraccio. Of course there will be FOAT. Well I think I just kinda depressed, but I'm used to it, no problem =)