rclean provides a command-line tool to order and clean content of rc.conf, using option order from /etc/defaults/rc.conf and printing only choices that were different by the default value in /etc/rc.conf. Output is customizable from "only used values" to "full listing". rclean is licensed under a BSD-like license.

rclean uses system regex.h to ease the parsing of the cofnig files and uses getopt to parse the command line options (popt is way better but a little huge and unncessary for such a small project, having no package requirements has got precedence).

This program is OpenSource, under a BSD-style license.

If you need a fully-featured graphical rc.conf editor, The Fish is what you're looking for.

Follows the ChangeLog:
Revision 1.14 2002/12/22 17:12:30 lapo
- FreeBSD needs sys/types.h defined before regexp.h, very strange

Revision 1.13 2002/12/22 17:00:25 lapo
- Removed rclean.h, it was too small to have sense
- Changed indentation to be more 'standard', in a K&R way
- Reversed include order, as suggested by Bruce Eckel's books
- Defined a couple of string to avoid redundancy in the code
- Generalized the first (and only) key name exception
- Corrected the bug that did halt the program when a unknown exception key name was found
- Added command line option to print exceptions list
- Added line numbers in parse errors of the conf files

Revision 1.12 2002/07/07 17:18:51 lapo
- Added comments
- Order of 'exception' options is now preserved
- Default files are now printed in help
- Changed help so that '-a' no more occupies more than 80 columns

Revision 1.11 2002/04/29 14:16:14 lapo
- Added '-a' option to print all lines present in rc.conf, even if with default value
- Added '-w' option to write to file the output
- Fixed tab creation for comments

Revision 1.10 2002/04/29 10:54:50 lapo
- Fixed bug in options code (long lines got no comment)
- Added generic support for element "exceptions"
- Added '-h' command line option for 'help'

Revision 1.9 2002/04/28 23:40:18 lapo
- license relaxed (now it's BSD-style)
- getopt instead of popt (smaller executable and no required packages)

Revision 1.8 2002/04/28 12:42:14 lapo
- Added javadoc-style comments
- Removed extra backslashes

Revision 1.7 2002/04/28 10:58:03 lapo
- Added header to generated output
- Removed reference to REG_OKAY (was not present in FreeBSD's regex.h)

Revision 1.6 2002/04/27 23:27:00 lapo
- Added verbosity options
- Changed default file values to fit FreeBSD

Revision 1.5 2002/04/27 22:47:04 lapo
- Added command line parsing using the popt library
- Added GPL notes in source

Revision 1.4 2002/04/27 21:13:10 lapo
- Added generic support for keys not present in defaults file

Revision 1.3 2002/04/27 21:02:53 lapo
- Simplified using regex.h
- Corrected error in memory allocation (strlen+1 instead of strlen)

Revision 1.2 2002/04/25 07:37-07:48 lapo
- speedup in final difference printing

Revision 1.1 2002/04/25 00:40-03:26 lapo
- hardcoded filenames
- no options
- strange problems with xntpd_enable and inetd_enable
- sometimes names get followed by a nonprintable char (|>)

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